In an emergency,
the Violence Protection Act can help!

If you are physically or mentally abused/threatened by a person with whom you live in a household, this is clearly domestic violence.

You can get help here:

From the police:
The police can issue a removal order, which means that the perpetrator is expelled from the shared home for 10 days. During this time, you can calmly consider what you want to do next. 

    Emergency call to the police: Phone 110

    At the women’s counseling center:
    You can contact a women’s counseling center by phone or in person. The conversations are confidential. Here you will be informed about practical and legal options. Professional counselors will support you in all further steps.

    Women’s Counseling Center Euskirchen:
    Phone 02251 75140

    Help hotline (available 24 hours a day):
    Outside our opening hours, you can obtain information via the nationwide help hotline in several languages.

    Tel. 08000 11 60 16 (free of charge)

    Local court:
    You do not want the offender/defendant to come back to your home after the 10 days? Then you have the option of applying to your local court for a housing assignment. If your request is granted, the 10-day period is usually extended by 6 months. So the offender is not allowed to enter your apartment for that long. For this application, you only need the documentation of the police operation and, if available, the medical report about your injuries. 

    In addition, you can arrange for a no-contact and no-proximity order for the offender.

    Legal claim:
    Legal advice from a lawyer is also available to you. If you cannot afford this, you can apply for a counseling aid voucher at the legal application office of the local court.

    Women’s house/shelter:
    If you feel unsafe or unprotected in your apartment despite being assigned an apartment, you can seek refuge in a women’s shelter! When leaving your apartment, please take all important documents for yourself and your children with you. (Emergency list: What do I take with me)

    Shelter for women and children: Phone 02251 75354

    You can also contact a women’s shelter outside the district of Euskirchen.