Sexualized violence
Meaning – Consequences – What to do? Find help, here!

Every person has the right to physical and sexual self-determination (My body belongs to me!).
Any act against this right is sexualized violence: 

This includes:

  • Rape
  • Attempted rape
  • Sexual abuse in childhood
  • Sexual violence in marriage and partnership
  • Sexual assault:

Sexual harassment at work:

  • on the phone
  • on the Internet
  • verbally hurtful sexualized words
  • taxing looks
  • unpleasant gestures
  • „accidental“ touches
  • Grabbing
  • Every 7th woman or girl in Germany experiences sexualized violence, regardless of age, appearance, lifestyle, social environment, culture, religion and education. 

In most cases, the perpetrators are found in the immediate environment, for example the family, partners or friends. Women and girls are often unprotected.

Experiences of sexualized violence can have various consequences and impairments in everyday life and relationships. These are very often underestimated or not taken seriously.

This is how women and girls find help – anonymously if wanted:

In our women’s counseling center, „Frauen helfen Frauen e. V.“ (women for women) , women and girls who have experienced sexualized violence can find personal or telephone counseling by a professional team. You will be informed and accompanied, among other things, on the topics:

  • medical and therapeutic options 
  • reporting and legal proceedings 
  • anonymous securing of evidence.

Anonymous securing of evidence (German: ASS):

Since there are usually no witnesses to rape or sexual abuse, anonymous evidence recovery is an important and helpful procedure for preserving evidence. 

In selected hospitals, victims receive medical care and crime scene evidence is secured. This can be done ANONYMUSLY if preferred! 

The anonymous securing of evidence gives victims the opportunity to take their time to think about filing a complaint. The secured traces of the crime are stored anonymously and can be used as evidence in the event of a complaint.

Please find support and help here:

Frauenberatungsstelle Frauen helfen Frauen e. V. im Kreis Euskirchen
Tel: 02251 75140

Outside of our opening hours:

Help-Hotline 08000 116 016
24 hrs. Guidance and adice – free of charge 
Consultation on the phone or online